Centro Veterinario Veravet - Who we are

in Vera

Who we are

Centro Veterinario Veravet is a small animal practice located in Vera town with professional and qualified vets, with many years of experience in the Uk, trying to cover all that your pet needs.

We have as an only objetive the welfare and health of your pet, with the technology for a quick diagnostic and treatment.

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Human resources

At Veravet Veterinary Center we know that pets are, without a doubt, one more member of the family. Therefore, because they are one more, they deserve the best possible care, for this we have the best human resources to offer you the maximum interest and dedication to prevent and adequately solve your pet's health problems.


Visit us in Vera, we have professional veterinarians to offer a quality service to your animals.

Technical resources

At Veravet Veterinary Center we offer a specialized veterinary service for your pet. Our team of qualified professionals specialized in each task are always ready to meet the needs of your pet.

We have strived to maintain and expand our knowledge to offer not only world-class veterinary care, but also a comprehensive prevention and education program that leads to responsible pet ownership, well-being and health.

In addition to veterinary care, we also have a hairdressing service, a laboratory and an operating room.

Our careful treatment and veterinary training guarantee us ¡Visit us!